Zurich-based fintech Teylor continues its impressive growth story. The outlook for Q4 also remains positive. Teylor is on track to becoming Europe's leading credit fintech by 2026.

Zurich, November 1st, 2022 - Credit fintech Teylor again impresses with strong growth, consolidating its position as one of the leading providers of credit technologies and digital SME financing in Germany. In the third quarter of 2022, Teylor increased its revenue almost threefold compared to the previous year. Both the financing business and the increased demand for Teylor's Software-as-a-Service solutions contributed to the outstanding quarterly result.

Teylor was able to gain market share in the current macroeconomic environment: Despite or because of rising interest rates, German companies took out a net 30 billion euros in credit in August alone, marking a new historical record. Teylor could capture a significant portion of that demand highlighting the trend toward digital financing platforms. In September, the volume of loans applied for on the Teylor platform amounted to 205 million euros. Many of these loans are financed via Teylor's debt fund. In total, Teylor has already processed financing applications worth more than four billion euros. The amount of financing granted ranges between 100,000 and 1.5 million euros per case.

"The third quarter has always been the strongest for us," says founder and CEO Patrick Stäuble. "We have been able to continuously increase the financing volume of our platform in the last two years. Compared to Q3 2020, we placed almost four times as much financing in Q3 2022. This shows that our fast and fully digital financing solutions are meeting the demand of SMEs."

Teylor also sees strong growth in its software business: "We have significantly expanded our software solutions in recent months and can now offer our banking clients even more specialized solutions to digitize their credit processes," says Patrick Stäuble. "We are also launching a light version of our flagship SaaS solution, which aims particularly at smaller financial institutions."

Banks are under cost pressure in the current market environment, but growth projects such as digitalization remain a priority. Teylor expects continued strong demand in the fourth quarter: By December, 13 financial institutions will be using Teylor software in their lending business. Patrick Stäuble is confident that the company will be profitable on a monthly basis by the end of the year.

About Teylor AG

Teylor is the Swiss technology company that has developed the Teylor Platform, a suite of software modules that enable financial institutions to build, deliver and scale digital credit products. Teylor can customize its software modules to fit the requirements of any credit provider and credit product. Lenders can pick individual modules to complement and integrate with their existing legacy processes and technologies or develop entirely new digital processes from scratch. Banks throughout Europe use Teylor's software modules to innovate their lending processes, digitize their products and reduce the cost of lending. SMEs rely on Teylor for fast and convenient access to capital through Teylor's private debt fund. The Zurich-based company was founded in 2018 by Patrick Stäuble. www.teylor.com